Hello, let's get to know each other.

My two earliest memories of holding a camera were from when I was about 8 or 9. My mom had an OLD camera that she claimed didn't work anymore that I would get out and pretend I'm a famous photographer traveling the world and taking pictures of beautiful places and famous people. Then I remember visiting my teenage cousin and he let me come in into his dark room aka bathroom where the smell of chemicals was strong and I was mesmerized by the magic of images appearing on a plain white paper.

Fast forward a few years and I got my first camera for my 16th birthday. I took pictures of anything and everything. Everything I ate, did, and saw was captured on my little Olympus. I didn't think much of it, I just wanted to remember. I wanted to hold on to the experiences I had, see the faces of people that were around me and travel back into the past whenever I wanted to.

When I got married we moved to Monterey, CA and I thought (and still think it is) it was the most beautiful place in the world. So I talked my new husband into getting me my first DSLR camera. That camera was the best purchased that happened to me. I loved photographing beautiful landscape of that area and some of my favorite images are hanging on the walls in my home to this day.  

I never thought I would be doing lifestyle photography, but funny how life changes us and how people come along our way and change our way of thinking. When my firstborn joined our family, taking photos of him was all I did. I wanted to freeze that sleepless, tiring past in my photos, so I could revisit it when I'm less sleep deprived. And it worked. I love to look at a beautiful images, silly snapshots and everything in between that I captured. I love going to the past through my own photographs. I am a day dreamer after all.