Family Shoot at Tunnel Springs Park/North Salt Lake

The urgency was real for this family's photo shoot. The kids are old enough that most of them are off to their own new things anywhere from Arizona to China. Coming and going. Staying only for two weeks under the same roof.

 We discussed the location and agreed on Tunnel Spring Park in North Salt Lake. I've been there before a couple of times, but this is my first time to do a full photo shoot there. That park is beautiful, you'll see below, but one tricky part is that for these beautiful photos we needed beautiful, even light that was only available for a short amount of time. That's why we all sacrificed our sleep. 6 a.m. photo shoot here we come!

 One thing I love about shooting families is to see family dynamics. And this family is my #familygoals kind of family. They were so good to each other. I could tell that even though they had roles as parents and children, they were also friends. They love spending time together and they love to have a good laugh! 

 Girl Power right there!:) Or Sisterhood of Traveling Pants! Cassidy is carrying her little sister and the parents should watch out because she might take her all the way to China where she lives for a period of time right now.

 I was a cub scout leader and I remember Kip as a "Bear" running around with friends. Now he is entering his teenage years and it is crazy how time flies, kids grow, and 18 summers passed us flying by. 

Enjoying each other and creating family memories that will last a life time, that's what it's all about.