Senior Portraits Survival Guide/Salt Lake Senior Photographer

Truth, senior pictures is a big deal. So, you booked your senior session. And what now? I think most would agree, that you would want to plan out your outfit. The best advice I would give is to be yourself. You outfit doesn't have to cost much or be super extravagant, unless, of course, it is what you want:) What you do want to consider is the setting of your session and the colors that will surround you so, you won't disappear, but stand out from the background. I suggest to bring two outfits to your senior portraits session. One outfit should be a little dressier than the other. That way you have a variety of photos.  


Another thing to consider is your hair an make up. The sky is the limit here as well. You can do your own make up and hair or you can hire a professional make up artist that would pamper you and make you feel and look amazing! The benefit of hiring a professional is that the MUA does make up that looks good on you AND on camera and can make it as bright or as natural as you wish. If you need a referral, let me know because I know a couple of artists. That being said, if you do your own make up that is fine too. My only caution would be don't experiment. Do as much or as little as you would normally do for a date night. No matter which route you take, you are beautiful!


The last thing, I hope you remember is to have fun. Yes, your senior pictures is kind of a big deal, but it should be a lot of fun, too. Don't worry about that you don't know how to stand or where to put your hands. That's what I'm for!:) Trust me that I will do my best to have you look as beautiful as you are and we will have fun together. You can always bring another person with that you feel comfortable around. It can be your mom, sister, or best friend. Just look at it as an adventure. A fun experience that comes with your senior year. It will be unforgettable, that I can promise.