What to wear to your family photo session

Family photography season is officially here! I am excited to meet new families and work with old friends. About a month ago I covered how to get ready for your family photo session and today I would like to really dive in deep into one of the steps: What to wear to your family session. 


If you  made a decision to take family portraits with a professional photographer, you probably are excited to plan out your outfits. Although, it can also get a little stressful and overwhelming. Here are a couple of tips to give you some ideas on how to put together your family photos outifts.


1. Be yourself. Lifestyle photography supposed to be authentic. If you don't usually wear dressy clothes, chances are you will be uncomfortable wearing them for your photo session as well.  If you rather be wearing your favorite sports jersey, then do it. You can find clothes that fits your style and is nice, clean and comfortable. You certainly can dress up, but it should be in your style.



2. Do not match, but pick out clothes and colors that coordinate and go well together. It is out of style to wear matching clothes for family photos. When choosing best colors for family pictures outside think about colors that complement each other. Jewel tones always look pretty as well as soft pastels.


3. For your kids, stay away from graphics and neon colors. Graphics tend to go out of style and neon colors could cast that same shade on your kids face that's next to impossible to get rid of.


4. Make sure that the clothes fits well. It is not really a time to wear a clothes that is too big or too small. Shoes are important, as nothing sticks out as a sore thumb as a tennis shoes with a dress on. Of course, life happens. I'll be real for a minute and open up to you that I forgot my son's shoes for our own family photo session. We worked around it and it turned out fine, but you bet, next time I will be triple checking everyone's outfits before we leave the house.


5. Moms, this is your time to shine. I love when moms wear dresses, if it is something they enjoy. But I would recommend when looking for outfits for family photos to start with your outfit first. Find an outfit that you love and feel great in and build others outfits and color schemes from there. Don't forget accessories and layers always look good and can give a lot of personality to an outfit. 

Have fun with it! If you have any more questions ask them in the comments. 


Elena Streeter