Winter Senior Portraits / Salt Lake City Senior Photography

A benefit that only my Senior Reps have is to be able to split their senior portraits in two without an additional charge. I was excited to work with each of them and hear the ideas for their photo shoot. I already blogged about Kelsey’s spring Paris-inspired session that you can see HERE and will post her fall session soon, but I was a little surprised (because it’s so cold) and excited (because it is so cool) that two other girls chose a winter session for their individual senior pictures. Even though January has been such a buys month for both Madeline and myself, we found a morning to go up to the Big Cottonwood Canyon for a winter photoshoot. Madeline had two beautiful coats that she wanted to wear and I was excited to see them.

The day ended up being super cold and really foggy, or maybe it was inversion, I don’t know. As Kelsey, who came to assist, and I were driving up, I started to wonder if we will be shooting in the fog, but it cleared up halfway up the canyon and we got a clear overcast morning with a chilly wind and what seemed occasional light snow.

We thought we were going to be okay walking around, but let me tell you that falling into the snow became a thing that morning. All three of us at some point ended up sinking deep into the snow. Our fingers were frozen and, to be honest, everything else as well, but the beauty of the place was evident and these senior portraits turned out simply beautiful. Below are a few of my favorites from the session. What do you think? Would you brave the cold and falling into the snow to create some beautiful images?