What NOT to do before your senior portraits session

I have some tips to help you to get ready for what to do to get ready for your senior session. But before that I’d like to touch on a few things of what NOT to do.


Number ONE. Do not color or cut your hair right before your session. You might get away with a trim, but no life changing haircuts at least a week before your session. That time will help you get used to your new look and feel confident as you are. Also, sometimes when color stains the skin at the hairline and it gives a strange look to your face and that is not the attention we want to give to you.


Number TWO. Do not pick only trendy close or clothes with loud colors, because you might regret it later on (Speaking from experience). You want to wear some classic outfits, so thing that will be timeless and looks good and comfortable.


Number THREE. Do not start a new skincare routine before your session because you never know how your skin will react and it is possible that it would dry out and even worse break out. My mantra is to make your photos beautiful before I download them in the Photoshop, that is why I take great care in setting up the scene, outfits, hair and advise on skincare before hand.

Have you find this tips helpful? I hope so. I will go compile a list of three things is a must before your session. Are you ready for it? I’ll link it here when it’s ready.