Senior Pictures Ideas

There could be thousands and then some ideas on what to do for your senior pictures. For the sake of time, I will not be covering them all, but I’d like to mention a couple ones I have done with my senior spokesmodel team. We covered some ideas in the same shoot, but those can also be a stand alone sessions.

  1. Water. It can be a pool, a lake or a little stream. Water is a fun and unique location especially when you live in a desert like Salt Lake City, UT.

    You can be in the water, by the water and if you brave enough you can even lay down IN the water. Possibilities are endless. We can even create a beautiful modern portrait of you in a water by using kiddie pool, black fabric and fake flowers. Intrigued?


2. Themed shoot. There are so many different themes you can do. Anything from rollerskating park to vintage, to glamour or vanity fair. To pick one or two you should consider your hobbies (Do you like old movies and classic literature? Glamour could be for you. Do you like carnivals? Roller scatting is closer to your interests or maybe you could do a carnival session?), extra-curricula activities (dance, gymnastics, track etc.) or you can see if you want to try something new.


3. Cap and Gown. These should be a must, because the ones you get at graduation are not in a flattering light, good posing or any kind of creative. You can go to the field of your high school with a friend and even recreate some fun photos if you had from your sophomore or junior year. That would be such a fun memory keepsake and worth the trip to the same old field.


And to make it even more fun, wear your college shirt under your robes to show the world were you’re going next. Tip: That could be a fun graduation announcement photo:)