wheeler farms

Family Portrait Session - Wheeler Farms, Salt Lake City, Utah- Family Portrait Photography

One of the reasons I love family photography is because I get to watch family dynamics unfold. Who can get the other laugh or irritated first. Who is shy and who is outgoing? It always takes a little time for everyone to get comfortable and I always love my final shots with with the family because they start getting more playful and give hugs freely.

I also always start with walking pose because it is fun, easy, and if someone thinks it is silly, it makes it fun and instantly every one gets relaxed.

I have known the A family for a few years now and this family had actually been one of the first families that I photographed who were not related to me! I was scared and nervous probably as much as them. At that time they only had 4 kids and were waiting for the arrival of their final addition. Now, look how they’ve grown and you might recognize Madeline as she is on my spoke model team.

We decided to shoot at the Wheeler farms in Salt Lake. I love that location and know it pretty well. It has a lot to offer from old buildings, to lots of greenery.