In this digital age professional head shots are a necessity and selfies won’t cut it. Even LinkedIn profile without a good head shot picture looks ridiculous. A good business portrait is your digital identity. It puts a face with your name. If your business has any kind of social media platform you NEED to have a good head shot that would reflect your personality, your business and brand. When somebody changes their profile picture or post a photo of themselves on Instagram, it gets the most likes. That’s a fact. People who follow you on different platforms what to see you. And the first time visitors are looking for you. People want to connect with you and a professional head shot will help them do just that. When did you last sit for a professional portrait?

This is how it works:

  • You email me to let me know that you need a beautiful head shot/portrait ( or use the contact form below)

  • We schedule an over-the-phone or in-person consultation to discuss your needs, wardrobe etc.

  • On the day of the shoot you come in to my cozy photo studio and get pampered by professional make-up artist and if you don’t need make up service, we just finish styling your outfits. We will create some beautiful portraits. You don’t need to be nervous, because I am there to guide you every step of the way. We change outfits, backgrounds, and have fun.

  • I hand select and retouch your images.

  • I’ll send you a link with your finished images to an online gallery. You can then choose your ONE favorite head shot, and I’ll send you a high resolution file with a print release and a web-sized copy to post on any social media.

    Ready to get started on the path to your next beautiful professional headshot? The fee for everything is $265. Do you like more than one photo? No problem. You can purchase additional images. Individual images $125 or you can save by purchasing one of my collections.

  • Collection 1: $175 for 6 images

  • Collection 2: $275 for 15 images

  • Collection 3: $350 for 30 images

    Feel free to bring your partner, spouse, family to have a few photos together with them at the end. Don’t forget to plan a date or a night out because you are going to look fabulous!

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