Senior Pictures, Salt Lake City, UT

You have finally made it to your senior year! Doesn’t it feel wonderful? But maybe it feels a little uncertain and even scary? In any case, right now is the time to celebrate you and all of your accomplishments with senior pictures.

I’ve been right where you are and I know I felt a little uncertain about my future. Well, a lot. And this is the reason why I love working with seniors. I love to empower young women to see their beauty, strength and confidence while having a little fun. Well, a lot!

You might think you are not photogenic, but I don’t believe there is such a thing. I know what beautiful looks like and I want to show the beauty that radiates from you and that everyone can see.

Your senior photo shoot is to celebrate you! We create looks that are uniquely yours, pick a great location (or two) that you love and will go well with ideas for your senior pictures. What I do is more than just senior photography.

 It is a senior experience.



For my seniors, I want it to be more that just taking graduation pictures. I want it to be an experience. I love when my seniors are giddy for their shoot, but if they are not right away, they are usually are super exited after we plan it together. Each senior is different, so each experience is different as well. I customize session for each of my seniors. I help with decisions for locations, outfits, give little pointers on what to bring and get done before your session and bring a changing tent, so no one has to change in the car. I want your personality shine though your images and your portraits to reflect your style.